Since the early beginning of the birth of multi-level marketing, most if not all MLM companies will create, develop, manufacture their own products so that they can distribute their products exclusively through their global network of distributors…more often than not at a very high markup. In order to stay competitive with other products that are sold on shelves, MLM companies stress a lot on their product quality or on the exclusivity of their product science, ingredients or technology. However, it is almost impossible to beat the rapid pace of the newer cutting-edge sciences and technologies that’s being discovered today, and so staying competitive in the global marketplace becomes more challenging and difficult whenever you launch a new product.

Almost all MLM companies face the challenge of product cannibalism. When a new product is launched, sales is expected to increase but often than not, sales did not increase simply because distributors drop their purchase of the existing product to buy the new ones.

Product regulatory affair is always a headache to most if not all global network marketing companies. Certain ingredients, like in the case of CBD may be allowed in certain countries but restricted for sale in others, and so there is the always the case of having to reformulate certain product for certain specific country, let alone the different product labels.


UNIQ International chooses to break away from these traditional MLM norms. Instead, we distribute local, already-branded specialty products that are owned by local brand owners but widely accepted in that specific market. UNIQ International secures the locally-branded products with the brand owner, agree on the rebate given, and we distribute these products via our global network of distributors by paying on cashback on the rebate we receive.

All of a sudden the door is opened to almost any local products to participate in a global network marketing program. One day, you’ll find that you actually save money on products that you are buying every day, anyway!

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