UNIQ also has a Global Compensation Plan which is UNIQUE – by combining the power of two compensation structures in it – the Unilevel and the 2-Team Bonus that promotes team work and overall organizational growth globally. The commissions, bonuses, incentives, awards work effectively to create an immediate financial rewards for the beginners, and a long-term, residual income for the leaders.



The First Order Bonus helps a new Business Associate to make an immediate income. The First 50PV monthly is always paid with a Unilevel Team Commission without any group volume or rank required. By just personally enrolling more and more business associates directly. A Business Associate gets paid on the number of level deep, together with a Unilevel Infinity Commission.


The next 50PV or more is then paid via a 2-Team Commissions with a 2-Team Matching Commissions and other leadership incentives.


Becoming A Free Member with FaveTravelSavings.Com

Everyone may join as a Free Member with Uniq International and enjoy all the good benefits of all of Uniq International’s products and services. It’s simple and start enrolling friends.

Step 1: Send out a Invitation to all your friends in your social media – Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Kakao, LINE, eMail and more.

Step 2: Your friend shall click on the link to your private Uniq Personal URL (e.g. username.uniqintl.com) and they can instantly sign up as your Member.

Step 3: Choose to join as a Free Member with FaveTravelSavings.Com and create their own account instantly.

As simple as 1-2-3!
Once your friend has successfully joined, he/she shall receive a Welcome & Verification email. He/she clicks on “Confirm eMail” and his/her personal travel portal is instantly activated. He/she can then visit www.FaveTravelSavings.com via his Member Login. He/she shall see that they have $50 TravelSavings added into their private account. Meanwhile, you shall get $10 in TravelSavings added into your own private account for enrolling this Free Member. There is no limit as to how many Free Members that you may enroll. If your friend likes to travel and get more savings on more travel services, they may as a VIP Member with FaveTrip.com

Becoming A VIP Member With FaveTrip.com

Everyone may choose to join as a VIP Member with FaveTrip.Com or upgrade from Free Member to VIP Member with FaveTrip.Com at $350 (300 PV) per year.

A VIP Member gets full access to the following travel inventories in FaveTrip.Com within the one-year validity period:

1. 1,000,000+ hotels worldwide at the lowest price, with a 110% Best Price Guarantee.

2. All flights from major airlines.

3. All cruises from major cruise-lines

4. All major car rentals.

5. Luxurious Home-Stays.

6. Resort Weeks.

7. Activities including entrance tickets and more.

8. Lifestyle including golf, wine club, restaurant savings and more.

9. Timeshare Owners.

A VIP Member with FaveTrip.Com may send RICOCHET >> to invite friends as Free User via social media, email, etc. A Free User does not have TravelSavings. Instead, he/she gets a 50% savings on the lowest price being offered to a VIP Member. For example: Let’s see the lowest quoted Public Price (inclusive tax) is $1,000. But in FaveTrip.Com, we offer our VIP Member the lowest price at $600 (inclusive tax). That is a $400 savings for a VIP Member. The Free User will book that same room, same night, same hotel at less 50% of the $400 savings, which is $800 (inclusive tax). The remaining $200 savings shall be given to the VIP Member Enroller as Reward Credits to pay for free hotel rooms, etc. A Free User also may upgrade to VIP Member anytime they want.

Becoming A UNIQ Business Associate

You may enroll to become a Uniq Independent Business Associate. You shall need to have a Business Associate Personal Enroller. A Free Member, Free User or VIP Member may not enroll a Business Associate unless they upgrade to a Business Associate first.

Each new Business Associate agrees to pay a one-time Web Activation Fee at $99.00, plus a monthly Web Maintenance Fee of $1.00 per month. The new Business Associate (BA) shall be provided with his/her own BA Personal URL which has a full Retail section, Enrolment and Business Associate Back Office – all-rolled-in-one. A Business Associate may also place a First Order in order to become Active to receive commissions.

Note: All commissions and bonuses as stated in this whole Global Compensation Plan are computed weekly (starting on each Sunday at 00:00:00 hrs, Pacific Time, and ends on each Saturday at 23:59:59 hrs, Pacific Time; which is also called a PAY PERIOD. Commissions and bonuses are paid to each Business Associate 7 days later.

All ranks and qualification for earning commissions are based on Point Volume (PV), and paid in US Dollars.

Autoship Packs

Autoship Enrollment Packs are available for all Business Associates to place their order. These Autoships are for 3 Pay Cycles, 6 Pay Cycles,12 Pay Cycles. Binary Team Commission is paid in full on the Pay Period in which the order is placed; but the Business Associate remains active for the designated number of Pay Cycles with zero PV. A Pay Cycle consists of four (4) Pay Periods.


1. Unilevel Tree (Enrollment Tree)

2. Binary/2-Team Tree (Placement Tree)

Here is a visual example:

UNILEVEL TREE (Enrollment Tree)

This organizational structure ensures your organization is strong.

This is the group of Business Associates that you personally enrolled. Every Business Associate you personally enroll is on your “first level” or level 1 (L1). Their personally-enrolled Business Associates then become your level 2 (L2). Those enrolled by level 2 Business Associates then become your level 3 (L3), and so on. There is no limit to the number of directly-enrolled Business Associates you can have in your Unilevel Tree.

TWO-TEAM TREE (Placement Tree)

This promotes teamwork and makes your commissions grow.

All Business Associates that make up your Unilevel Tree are also placed into a two-legged (or Binary) tree. Every Business Associate in your Unilevel Tree is also part of your Placement Tree. However, your Placement Tree may also include Business Associates that were enrolled by your uplines, represented by the letter "U" in the above graph. Your Placement Tree has two “branches”, otherwise known as “legs”. Your two legs will be known as your “Left Leg” and your “Right Leg”. The larger of the two is your “Greater” or “Power” Leg. The smaller of the two is your “Lesser leg” or “Pay Leg".


1. Retail Profit and First Order Bonus

2. Unilevel Team Commissions

Based on First 50 PV:

3. Unilevel Infinity Commissions

Based on First 50 PV:

4. 2-Team Commissions

Based on First 50 PV:

5. 2-Team Matching Commissions

Based on First 50 PV:

6. One-Time Rank Advancement Bonus

7. Diamond Leadership Global Bonus Pool

8. Multiple 2-Team Centers

9. Leadership Global Retreats

You may get more detailed information on the Uniq Global Compensation Plan when you join as a Uniq Business Associate.

Welcome to our Uniq Global Family!

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